Paint Protection


Everyday your car is exposed to organic & inorganic contamination; bug splatter, bird & bat droppings, brake dust, airborne chemical compounds, acid rain, road tar, tree sap, paint overspray etc. All these types of contaminants and particles are not removed on a regular clean. Leaving your car unprotected will allow them to eat into the clear coat, causing issues that can only be removed from polishing and chemicals. From the moment you drive a car out of the dealership, the only REAL protection your car has to defend itself against contamination, is the clear coat.


Over time, embedded and bonded contamination will oxidise, corrode and fade your car’s paint. In most cases, the damage can be repaired through paint correction, but only by removing more of the clear coat. Most modern day cars have very thin paint, which makes re-painting a necessity for unrepairable contamination damage.

By protecting your car with a high quality wax/sealant coating, you provide a layer of protection to help minimise contamination damage and enhance the shine of your car. So if you are looking to keep your car in near new condition for the years to come, protect your paint!


  • We Come To You - Gold Coast & surrounding areas.
  • Premium Products & Equipment are used.
  • Work is carried out by a Professional Car Detailer.
  • We use Superior Detailing Methods.
  • High standard of cleaning.
  • 2 bucket system & microfibre cloths used.
  • Trusted to work on Prestige & Exotic Supercars.


With the recent advancements in car care, permanent ceramic and glass coatings are now available to provide the ultimate protection for your car. You will quickly notice the difference between unprotected and protected paint through the ease of cleaning; water beads off effortlessly, microfiber mitts/clothes glide across the paint, contamination is easier to remove on a regular detail. If you plan on keeping your car for more than a year, this is an absolute must to keep your car in NEW condition.

*Includes single stage polish
SMALL - $699
MEDIUM - $759
LARGE- $819
X-LARGE - $879
*Lasts up to 7 years
*Includes 2 stage polish
SMALL - $899
MEDIUM - $959
LARGE- $1019
X-LARGE - $1079
*Lasts up to 7 years
OTHER Protection
Rims – $79.00 (4 x Outer Face)
Glass – $79.00
Leather & Carpet – $159.00
Fabric Seats & Carpet – $159.00
NEW Car Sealant/wax
*Comparable to dealerships
SMALL - $119
MEDIUM - $169
LARGE- $209
X-LARGE - $249
*Lasts up to 12 months